Cabana Fresca


Vittore Carpaccio

Fine Sliced Veal with Pesto and Italian Cheese


Gazpacho Galápagos

Deep sea Octopus Salad served with its own sauce


Salmon Delicacies

Smoked Salmon and  Tartar of Salmon served with a Cream of Chives


Shrimp "À Pescador"

Prawns fried in Olive oil with Onion and garlic

Algarvian Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad with Chouriço, Bacon and Balsamic, Cabana style


Goat Cheese Salad with Figs Hot Sauce, Walnut and Pine Nuts

Goat Cheese Salad topped with Warm Figs Sauce, Walnuts and Pine nuts


"Malandra" Salad with Foie Gras, Green Asparagus, prawns and walnut oil

Salad "Little Fool" with Fresh Duck Liver, Green Asparagus, Gamba and Chestnut Oil


Couvert (2p.)

Fresh Bread, Butter, Olives and Homemade Pates


Cream Pescador

Seafood Soup with Fish, Shellfish and Rings of Leek

Tomato Cream with Mozzarella and Basil Cream

Tomato Soup with Mozzarella and a Cream of Basil

Chef specialties


Pork Tenderloin in Black Beer with Prune

Fine Filleted Pork in Dark Beer and Plums


Delicious Duck with Armagnac and Candied Garlic

Breast of Duck with Armagnac and Crystallized Garlic


Chateau briand    (1P./ 2 P.)

Sliced Filetsteak for two persons, served with 2 Sauces and Herb Butter

Salmon Supreme in Puff Pastry

Salmon Fillet in Pastry


Turbot with Green Asparagus and Sauce "Vinho Verde"


Prawns “À la Plancha”

Flash Fried Tiger Prawns According to Traditional Recipe


Giant Gratin Prawn with Cheese, Garlic and Herbs

Giant King Prawn Gratinated with Cheese, Garlic and Herbs

Main dishes

OUR Desserts

Main Dishes

Fish and Seafood “Cataplana”  (1p./2p.)

Typical Algarvian Dish with Fish and Shellfish


Tagliatelle with Sole, Garlic, White Wine and Parmesan

Tagliatella with Fillet of Sole, Garlic, Vegetables, White Wine and Parmesan Cheese


Fillet of Sea Bass Rolled in Bacon with Rocket (Arugula) and Cherry Tomatoes


Cod Fish "à Casa" with Onion and White Wine

Codfish from the Oven with Onions and White Wine


Vegetarian Chef Specialty


Chicken “Cataplana” (1p./2p.)

Algarvian Dish with Chicken Served in a Special Pan


Leg of Lamb Provencale with thyme and rosemary


Veal with Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Extract, Cream

and Spring Onion


Tournedos with Green Pepper Sauce


Tournedos with Port Sauce, Sjalot and Bacon Blade


Filet Mignon with Stroganoff Sauce

Fine Sliced Fillet Steak with Stroganoff Sauce


Homemade Grand Marnier Parfait


Chocolate Lasagna "Black and White" with Syrup of Port Wine


“Harakiri ”

Strawberries, Vanilla ice cream and Black Pepper, flambed with Pastis

Îte Flottante

Floating Island of Meringue in Bourbon Vanilla Sauce


“Apfel Strudel”

Classic Composition in Puff Pastry of Apple, Vanilla and Raisins


Chocolate “Bolbo”

Profiterole Filled with Vanilla Ice Cream, Covered ith Hot Chocolate Sauce


“Dame Blanche”

"A dinner we will remember

for a long time"

Algarvian Coffee


Calypso Coffee


Bailey’s Coffee


French Coffee

Coffee Specialties

Irish Coffee


Portuguese Coffee


Jamaican Coffee


Italian Coffee



Cabana Fresca

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